Review of Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper and First Experience with Beautometry

I was pretty pumped when I saw an Instagram post from Beautometry around mid- to late-February advertising a pre-order of MoYou London stamping plates for $6 each (they’re regularly priced at $9.75/ea). I mean, what nail stamping maven wouldn’t wanna get in on some’a that action?

I didn’t own any MYL plates at the time, and word on the skreets is that they’re a leader in the stamping world because they manufacture “amazing” plates.

MoYou London stamping plates & Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper haul from Beautometry.

YouTube video review & stamping pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Beautometry, or what Beautometry does, lemme getchu learnt up right quick. Continue reading “Review of Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper and First Experience with Beautometry”


Review of Easy Peel Latex Barrier By Nail Experiments

Most nail artists prolly have a liquid latex product in their arsenal, and more than likely they’ve tried more than one brand. I already have a favorite latex that I use in my messy nail art designs, but when I discovered Nail Experiments (NE) on Instagram, I was intrigued. I mean, lookit these pritty colorrrrrrrsssss! *heart eyes emoji*

Lookit these gorgeous colors of Easy Peel liquid latex barrier! Soooo pretty! (photo credit: Nail Experiments IG)

YouTube video & pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

A few weeks ago when I was traveling home from vacation, I saw an Instagram post from NE advertising a 15% off code for Easy Peel (EP) that was good until midnight of that night. It was 10 p.m. & I was on a road trip from hell with nothin’ better to do in the car but shop. Duh.

Even though I have a latex that I adore, it’s not yellow. And, by gawd, I wanted a yellow one. Yellow is the color of happiness, amirite?

I bounced over to the NE website, happily selected my happy yellow (there are 15 colors — FIFTEEN! — from which to choose, btw…) & happily threw that bad boy into my cart. But at some point during the checkout process, I got an error message that said “The yellow Easy Peel can’t be shipped to the U.S.” Whaaaat? Nooooo! This sucked the happiness right outta me. So I ran back to the IG post & told Elena about the ordering snafu. Continue reading “Review of Easy Peel Latex Barrier By Nail Experiments”


Review of Lady Queen Nail Stamping Plates

A rep from Lady Queen contacted me a few weeks ago & asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. Of course I said yesssss. Since I love me some stamping, I requested two plates & a packet of floral water decals.

She also gave me a discount code to pass along to y’all: ZAQS15 for 15% off of all regular-priced items (click the Lady Queen image located in the sidebar of my blog, or if you’re readin’ this on your phone, it’s at the very bottom of this post).

Lady Queen nail stamping plates & floral water decals.

YouTube video & stamping image pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

When I opened my package, the first thing that I noticed is that the images are beautiful, and they’re identical to the photos on LQ’s website. But while you prolly have a kintillion stamping plates that feature flowers, leaves & butterflies, you prolly don’t have ones with a frog, a fish or birds as cute as these. Love!

Wait. I lied. The *very* first thing that I noticed about these plates is that they don’t have any backing on em. No plastic, no thick cardboard, no nothin’. So be careful when you handle em.

A view of the backside of Lady Queen’s nail stamping plates. As you can see, there is no backing of any kind on these, they’re just bare metal.

I peeled off the blue plastic cover, gave the plates a wipe-down with acetone & went to work.  Continue reading “Review of Lady Queen Nail Stamping Plates”


(Unintentionally NSFW) Review of Fab Ur Nails XL Gold Stamper Set & Storytime With Stamper Snob Tara

I finally got with the program & ordered Fab Ur Nails stampers, which seem to be all the rage amongst nailies on the ol Instagrammies. I wanted to test these bad boys right outta the package to see if they’re as kickass as everyone says that they are.

Fab Ur Nails 2pc XL Gold Stamper Set


YouTube video & pics after the jump. But let’s grab a beer & enjoy a lil Story Time With Tara before we get into the deets on these FUN stampers.

When I was shoppin’ for my very first supply of stamping stuffs way back when, I spotted that $1.99 stamper (you know the one I’m talmbout, ladies…you *all* have it) & thought, “whaaat this stamper is only $1.99?! What a bargain! How is this company still in business if they’re sellin’ stampers for $1.99?! THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES!”

So into my cart it went, onto my credit card it went, and into hibernation I went for the roughly 27 weeks that I waited for it to arrive from Hong Kong.  Continue reading “(Unintentionally NSFW) Review of Fab Ur Nails XL Gold Stamper Set & Storytime With Stamper Snob Tara”