Review of Easy Peel Latex Barrier By Nail Experiments

Most nail artists prolly have a liquid latex product in their arsenal, and more than likely they’ve tried more than one brand. I already have a favorite latex that I use in my messy nail art designs, but when I discovered Nail Experiments (NE) on Instagram, I was intrigued. I mean, lookit these pritty colorrrrrrrsssss! *heart eyes emoji*

Lookit these gorgeous colors of Easy Peel liquid latex barrier! Soooo pretty! (photo credit: Nail Experiments IG)

YouTube video & pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

A few weeks ago when I was traveling home from vacation, I saw an Instagram post from NE advertising a 15% off code for Easy Peel (EP) that was good until midnight of that night. It was 10 p.m. & I was on a road trip from hell with nothin’ better to do in the car but shop. Duh.

Even though I have a latex that I adore, it’s not yellow. And, by gawd, I wanted a yellow one. Yellow is the color of happiness, amirite?

I bounced over to the NE website, happily selected my happy yellow (there are 15 colors — FIFTEEN! — from which to choose, btw…) & happily threw that bad boy into my cart. But at some point during the checkout process, I got an error message that said “The yellow Easy Peel can’t be shipped to the U.S.” Whaaaat? Nooooo! This sucked the happiness right outta me. So I ran back to the IG post & told Elena about the ordering snafu. Continue reading “Review of Easy Peel Latex Barrier By Nail Experiments”