Sugar Skulls Reverse Stamping Using UberChic Beauty & BornPretty Store Plates

When Nail It! Mag put out a request for Day of the Dead designs to be featured in its Sept./Oct. 2016 issue, I had already ordered UberChic Beauty’s Sugar Skulls plate & was waitin’ for it arrive in my box o’ mails. Perfect timing.

UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate and case
UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate and case.

I had never created a sugar skull mani, nor had I ever entered a design into a publication for a possible feature, so I was pretty stoked by this challenge. If y’all see my phalanges in Nail It! when autumn rolls around, hollatcha girl & lemme know.

YouTube video & mani pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

This plate is gorgeous, and there are a ton of skull design options from which to choose. However, I have two main issues with this plate. Continue reading “Sugar Skulls Reverse Stamping Using UberChic Beauty & BornPretty Store Plates”


Gradient Stamping Design Using Big-Ass Stamper from Jolie Polish

I purchased the turbo stamper (or as I call it, the “Big-Ass Stamper” or #BAS) from Jolie Polish months & months ago, but I didn’t have a blog at the time so I couldn’t write a proper review. I did flap my gums a bit in an Instablog review for the Wizard of Oz mani that I did, which can be found here.

Size comparison of the turbo stamper (Big-Ass Stamper) from Jolie Polish vs XL stampers from Fab Ur Nails.

Lawd chyle, this thang is huge. As you can see, it’s about four times the size of an XL stamper from Fab Ur Nails, about which I wrote this blog review.

YouTube video & mani pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

The BAS is 6cm x 4cm of soft & squishy silicone. I would say that it’s sticky, but not suuuuper sticky. My descriptive terms are very technical, I know. Continue reading “Gradient Stamping Design Using Big-Ass Stamper from Jolie Polish”


Review of Lady Queen Nail Stamping Plates

A rep from Lady Queen contacted me a few weeks ago & asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. Of course I said yesssss. Since I love me some stamping, I requested two plates & a packet of floral water decals.

She also gave me a discount code to pass along to y’all: ZAQS15 for 15% off of all regular-priced items (click the Lady Queen image located in the sidebar of my blog, or if you’re readin’ this on your phone, it’s at the very bottom of this post).

Lady Queen nail stamping plates & floral water decals.

YouTube video & stamping image pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

When I opened my package, the first thing that I noticed is that the images are beautiful, and they’re identical to the photos on LQ’s website. But while you prolly have a kintillion stamping plates that feature flowers, leaves & butterflies, you prolly don’t have ones with a frog, a fish or birds as cute as these. Love!

Wait. I lied. The *very* first thing that I noticed about these plates is that they don’t have any backing on em. No plastic, no thick cardboard, no nothin’. So be careful when you handle em.

A view of the backside of Lady Queen’s nail stamping plates. As you can see, there is no backing of any kind on these, they’re just bare metal.

I peeled off the blue plastic cover, gave the plates a wipe-down with acetone & went to work.  Continue reading “Review of Lady Queen Nail Stamping Plates”


Cupcake Polish Swatches & Reviews

After months of seein’ Cupcake Polish pics on the ol’ Instawebs, I finally decided to wipe the drool off’a my phone & place an order. The only thing I have to say is… what the hhhhhhhelllll took me so long to get on the damn bus?!

*glances over at her 27 Jolie Polish bottles*

Oh. Yeah. THAT’S where all of my monies have run off to lately.

Anyboobs…swatch pics, nail art & macros after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

My three new babies are Berry Good Looking (BGL from here on out), Blood Hound (BH) & Bat-chelor Pad. BGL & BH were the two Cupcakes that literally made my eyeballs fly outta my head all cartoon-style every time I’d see em. So duh, I *had* to get those. And since I’m an absolute whore for blue & green polishes, Bat-chelor Pad was a no-brainer.

I dove right into BGL, as I typically swatch colors from lightest to darkest, but there’s really nothin’ “light” about BGL. ‘Cept for the light that coMES SHOOTIN’ OUTTA YER NAILS WHEN YER WEARIN’ IT CUZ HOLY SHIT LOOKIT THAT LIQUID HOLO SEX!

Video swatch of Cupcake Polish "Berry Good Looking"

Seriously one’a the most gorgeous, sparkly polishes I’ve ever seen in my life. Ugh. It’s no wonder that BGL won Best Indie Brand Polish, Best Purple Polish *AND* Best Holographic Polish of 2015, as voted on by Peachy Polish readers. *hair flip*

Continue reading “Cupcake Polish Swatches & Reviews”


Art Deco Reverse Stamp Design Using Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat

When I received Electric Spark from Fancy Gloss, I swatched it as soon as I could. How stunning is this?! I mean, LOOK AT IT! *swoon* This bright metallic blue is so buttery & smooth, it lays down just like one’a Jackie’s infamous creme formulas.

Fancy Gloss “Electric Spark” swatch.

Electric Spark is a hand-grabber all on its own, so wallflowers beware — this ain’t the polish for you.

I immediately knew that this blue would make the perfect base for a little white stamping action…and that’s where my art deco design was born.

Full mani & YouTube tutorial after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

I was really excited to create these decals directly on my Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat for the first time. I’ve had my mat for a few months now, and I’ve used it every day for one thing or another, but hadn’t created reverse stamps on it til now. Continue reading “Art Deco Reverse Stamp Design Using Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat”