Gradient Stamping Design Using Big-Ass Stamper from Jolie Polish

I purchased the turbo stamper (or as I call it, the “Big-Ass Stamper” or #BAS) from Jolie Polish months & months ago, but I didn’t have a blog at the time so I couldn’t write a proper review. I did flap my gums a bit in an Instablog review for the Wizard of Oz mani that I did, which can be found here.

Size comparison of the turbo stamper (Big-Ass Stamper) from Jolie Polish vs XL stampers from Fab Ur Nails.

Lawd chyle, this thang is huge. As you can see, it’s about four times the size of an XL stamper from Fab Ur Nails, about which I wrote this blog review.

YouTube video & mani pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

The BAS is 6cm x 4cm of soft & squishy silicone. I would say that it’s sticky, but not suuuuper sticky. My descriptive terms are very technical, I know. Continue reading “Gradient Stamping Design Using Big-Ass Stamper from Jolie Polish”