Need a New Logo, Brand Image or Copyright Mat? I Know a Chick!

I spent seven months searching for a graphic artist/designer to create my new BravesDiva brand image.

Y’all. Seriously. Seven damn months. (7!)

As expected, everyone to whom I reached out charged $60-$100/hour. Umm thanks but no thanks. Even though I knew *exactly* what I wanted my logo to look like, and figured that there would be minimal work involved for an experienced GA, I couldn’t swing a $300-$400 invoice. #BallinOnABudget

My original BravesDiva brand image, currently still used as a header image on my personal Twitter account.

Storytime with Tara & fresh logo pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat. (SPOILER ALERT: Check the header image on this snoop bloggie blogg to see one’a my new babies.)

*side bar* If you don’t care to read the entire saga of how my love affair with designer Elise de la Rue came to be, and how Facebook tried to come between us, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post for all of her contact info.

I’ve always adored my BravesDiva image and I’m very attached to it, but if/when I get to the point where I’m makin’ money off’a my brand (soon, I hope), I can’t very well do it while incorporating the logo of a professional sports team.

So for now, my original brand image will remain the header on my personal Twitter account, where folks can find me runnin’ my mouth & generally makin’ an ass outta m’self on the daily…fo’ free. Continue reading “Need a New Logo, Brand Image or Copyright Mat? I Know a Chick!”