Sugar Skulls Reverse Stamping Using UberChic Beauty & BornPretty Store Plates

When Nail It! Mag put out a request for Day of the Dead designs to be featured in its Sept./Oct. 2016 issue, I had already ordered UberChic Beauty’s Sugar Skulls plate & was waitin’ for it arrive in my box o’ mails. Perfect timing.

UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate and case
UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate and case.

I had never created a sugar skull mani, nor had I ever entered a design into a publication for a possible feature, so I was pretty stoked by this challenge. If y’all see my phalanges in Nail It! when autumn rolls around, hollatcha girl & lemme know.

YouTube video & mani pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

This plate is gorgeous, and there are a ton of skull design options from which to choose. However, I have two main issues with this plate.

I’ll get into those in a sec, but let’s get up-close with this plate right now.

UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate
UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls-01 nail stamping plate.

Every image on this bad boy is detailed like ya wouldn’t believe. The flowers, the large roses, the skulls, the tiny stand-alone images…everything. Soooo detailed! The entire plate is just stunning.

But here’s where shit starts to go sideways. Although there are a kintillion different images (all of them beautiful), THEY’RE HUUUUUGE! Not just long, but wide, too. Ugh.

Like, I don’t have super duper shorties, but I was still limited to about three or four skulls that would *mostly* fit onto my nails. Which is a shame, because the images are so gorge, you hate to hafta trim off flowers or curly, flowing, girly hair just to get it to fit onto your nail. That’s a bummer.

Also, out of the three or four well-sized images that I wanted to use, not all of em would pick up cleanly, due to the details & finely-etched lines. So that was another bummer.

It’s a catch-22: Should UberChic make the images smaller & lose these glorious details? Or should UC keep the skulls on the BBW side, alienating those of us with small- to medium-sized nail beds? *shrug*

Yeah, yeah…I know all about “image shrinking,” but I ain’t got time for all’a that nonsense every time I wanna use this plate.

BTW, shoutout to Swanette at NailStamp4Fun for the blog & YT video showin’ us how to shrinky dink stamping images. I know she didn’t invent this technique, but Ima still holla at her for bein’ one’a my favorites in the nail art community. She’s fantastic, and if you’re not followin’ her on YT or Instagram, slap yaself & then go follow.

But I digress…

So after deciding what colors I wanted to use in my design, and after stamping several different images to find one that would transfer nicely, I finally found a few that both worked for my nail size & transferred onto the stamper heads cleanly.

Even though I encountered a few frustrating moments doin’ this mani, I was still thrilled with the finished product. Wha’d’ya think?

Sugar skulls design using UberChic Beauty & BornPrettyStore nail stamping plates.
Sugar skulls design using UberChic Beauty & BornPrettyStore nail stamping plates.

I may have colored outside the lines in some areas, but IDC. I’m obsessed with this macro.

Macro of sugar skull decal using UberChic Beauty nail stamping plate.
Macro of sugar skull decal using UberChic Beauty nail stamping plate.

She’s like the hottest dead chick ever, amirite?

The two stampers that I used for the decals were the UberChic (original) XL non-sticky & the Creative Shop white/gold Space Collection stamper that I purchased from Whatsupnails.

The roses on my pinky & middle fingers came from this BornPrettyStore plate.

For the full list of products & polishes that I used (there were an ass-load), check the description box on my YouTube tutorial below.

Swanette also inspired me to apply one’a my decals with a different technique than I normally use. Rather than the ol’ Paint, Peel & Stick method that I’ve always used, I stamped one’a these beauties onto my nail directly from the stamper head. You’ll see it in my vid tute.

This (new-to-me) method is way easy, and my decal applied flawlessly — no bubbles, no wrinkles, no nothin’. Thank you so much, Miz Swanette!

Summary of the UC Sugar Skulls plate:


  • Large selection of images on the plate (skulls, roses, hearts, diamonds, flowers, sunburst)
  • Beautiful, detailed, well-etched images


  • Due to the fine lines, not every image picks up well; the lines get a little muddled, even trying multiple stampers
  • 85% of the images on this plate are way too large for smallish nails
  • I’m gonna throw the price of the plate under the “cons” section, too, only because $14.99 is way too steep for the use of just a few images…

…but I ain’t mad atcha. Still love you, UCB.

See y’all next time!