Review of Lady Queen Water Decals

I finally had some time last week to review the water decals that I received from Lady Queen. I hadn’t used water decals in so long, I’d forgotten how great they are. Perfect for some quick nail art & super easy to apply.

The Lady Queen decals were no different. They were a piece’a cake to put on & these flowers are just gorgeous.

Lady Queen water decals

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YouTube video & final mani pic after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

I’ll be honest with ya…when I applied the first decal, my initial thought was, “OMG NAIL FAIL!” but I immediately had a moment of inspiration, added an additional technique & salvaged the second nail. *fist bump*

Most water decals, in general, are attached to a white paper backing. However, some designs are actually *on* white backgrounds (as in, they’ve incorporated a white background into the artwork of the decal itself). Basically you don’t know what you’re gonna get til you slide the decal off of the paper.

You want your decal colors to pop off of a white base so you paint your nails white, only to find out that it already has a white background. *side eye*

Or you want your decal colors to blend beautifully with a particular base color or gradient, only to find out that the artwork has a white background that covers up all of the hard work that you just did. *whiny face*

Or, worse, the decal background is clear/translucent so now your YELLOW flowers look ORANGE on that pink base color. *grrrr*

It’s just a crapshoot all the way around and, naturally, I was a victim of the latter scenario. I used Pink Haze as my base color because I knew that the gorgeous neon pink, one-coat creme from Fancy Gloss would look amaze with the bright colors of the flowers.

But as soon as I slapped that decal onto my pinky nail, I discovered that the pink base came through the yellow flowers & turned them orange.

Floral water decals from Lady Queen

The orange flowers weren’t so bad, tho. I actually liked them (I mean, orange flowers *do* exist in nature, duh.) However, this was posta be a review about these particular water decals, so I wanted the true colors to be seen.

Check out the video to find out how I turned this FAILED IT into a NAILED IT.

Yeah, yeah, I realized after-the-fact that the decal on my middle nail wasn’t wide enough to completely cover it. If I had been feelin’ especially artsy fartsy, I coulda gone in with blurple polish to fix the flowers, but it really didn’t bother me all that much. If you get these decals, remember to do a better job of choosing which decal will go on which nail. Obviously that was a “whoops” on my part.



  • Large selection of unique water decal designs
  • Thin material that easily drapes onto the nail
  • Removes from the paper backing with ease
  • Affordable
  • Discount code happiness! ZAQS15 for 15% off


  • Very sheer; base color very plainly shows through the decal itself (not sure if this would be considered a “con” to everyone in the world, but as you can see, this mani started off as a #nailfail because of it)

See y’all next time!