Review of Lady Queen Nail Stamping Plates

A rep from Lady Queen contacted me a few weeks ago & asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. Of course I said yesssss. Since I love me some stamping, I requested two plates & a packet of floral water decals.

She also gave me a discount code to pass along to y’all: ZAQS15 for 15% off of all regular-priced items (click the Lady Queen image located in the sidebar of my blog, or if you’re readin’ this on your phone, it’s at the very bottom of this post).

Lady Queen nail stamping plates & floral water decals.

YouTube video & stamping image pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

When I opened my package, the first thing that I noticed is that the images are beautiful, and they’re identical to the photos on LQ’s website. But while you prolly have a kintillion stamping plates that feature flowers, leaves & butterflies, you prolly don’t have ones with a frog, a fish or birds as cute as these. Love!

Wait. I lied. The *very* first thing that I noticed about these plates is that they don’t have any backing on em. No plastic, no thick cardboard, no nothin’. So be careful when you handle em.

A view of the backside of Lady Queen’s nail stamping plates. As you can see, there is no backing of any kind on these, they’re just bare metal.

I peeled off the blue plastic cover, gave the plates a wipe-down with acetone & went to work. 

Each image that I stamped came up beautifully on the first try, which is what you want with a brand new plate. It’s a testament to the quality of the etching. Obvs.

Here is my YouTube video of the full review.

After I filmed the review, I realized that I needed to go back & re-stamp these images so that I could take pics to include in this blog post. The following pics are *technically* the second time I’d used these plates, but the quality of the images is pretty much the same as what’s in the vid.

Lady Queen stamping plate image that I picked up on the first try.
Lady Queen stamping plate image that I picked up on the first try.
Lady Queen stamping plate image that I picked up on the first try.
Lady Queen stamping plate image that I picked up on the first try.

There’s only one image that didn’t pick up entirely — the leaves on the blue flower. No biggie, I could’ve tried it again but didn’t feel like it. I’d already done a pretty good job of showin’ y’all how nicely these plates are etched.

It wasn’t til *after* I had used these plates for the second time (painting, scraping, stamping, cleaning) that I noticed that one of them had warped a lil bit. This is all due to the fact that they DON’T. HAVE. ANY. BACKING!

If you set your stamping plates on top of paper towels to cut down on messy cleanup when you stamp (as most of us do), then be EXTRA careful with these mugs. You’re gonna be pushin’ down — no matter how lightly — onto a thin metal plate with no hard reinforcement behind it.

Okay, so the possibility of bending a plate isn’t the only thing that irritates me about not havin’ stiff plastic on the back…it also allows your polish to get all up under the edge of the plate which makes it a pain in the ass to clean up. Havin’ to scrub the top, pick it up, turn it over, scrub the back…ugh…all that extra handling just increases the odds that you’re gonna warp the shit outta yer plate. So beware.

Also, I’m lazy & don’t like havin’ to do all that extra stuff. #thisiswhyimfat



  • Unique images that I haven’t seen on other plates
  • Quality of the etching is well above average, so image pick-up is pretty painless
  • Affordable
  • Discount code happiness! ZAQS15 for 15% off


  • NO BACKING, which increases the risk of warping your plates & allows polish to creep underneath em
  • Exposed metal edges which could scratch your hard surfaces, other plates, or *you*
  • No cardboard storage sleeves like the ones that come with plates from other companies
  • LQ is located overseas, so if you live in the U.S., shipping might take upwards of two to three weeks

If you’re readin’ this, Lady Queen, y’all have GOT to put somethin’ on the backs of your plates. Seriously. Hear my plea.

Gimme a shout & lemme know what LQ products you’re interested in trying.

See y’all next time!




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