Review of Easy Peel Latex Barrier By Nail Experiments

Most nail artists prolly have a liquid latex product in their arsenal, and more than likely they’ve tried more than one brand. I already have a favorite latex that I use in my messy nail art designs, but when I discovered Nail Experiments (NE) on Instagram, I was intrigued. I mean, lookit these pritty colorrrrrrrsssss! *heart eyes emoji*

Lookit these gorgeous colors of Easy Peel liquid latex barrier! Soooo pretty! (photo credit: Nail Experiments IG)

YouTube video & pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

A few weeks ago when I was traveling home from vacation, I saw an Instagram post from NE advertising a 15% off code for Easy Peel (EP) that was good until midnight of that night. It was 10 p.m. & I was on a road trip from hell with nothin’ better to do in the car but shop. Duh.

Even though I have a latex that I adore, it’s not yellow. And, by gawd, I wanted a yellow one. Yellow is the color of happiness, amirite?

I bounced over to the NE website, happily selected my happy yellow (there are 15 colors — FIFTEEN! — from which to choose, btw…) & happily threw that bad boy into my cart. But at some point during the checkout process, I got an error message that said “The yellow Easy Peel can’t be shipped to the U.S.” Whaaaat? Nooooo! This sucked the happiness right outta me. So I ran back to the IG post & told Elena about the ordering snafu.

She *immediately* sent me a DM asking for more info about the error, and then spent the next hour tryna fix it…which she did. And I was able to happily complete my order for a 15ml bottle of Easy Peel and get the 15% discount with 10 minutes to spare before it expired. Everyone was happy.

Several days later, a cute lil package from Canada arrived in my box o’ mail. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find this…

My Easy Peel shipment & hand-written note from Elena at Nail Experiments.

One of the greatest things that an indie maker can do for its customer is to hand-write a thank you note. Even if it’s just a quick “Thank you, Tara!” written on the printed invoice that comes with my order, it shows me that she’s taken the time to acknowledge my patronage (and existence) and that she values me as a customer. The old saying is true…it’s the simple things.

Hell, half the time I don’eem get invoices with my indie orders. I understand that these are small, one- or two-person operations & time is tight, but c’mon now. *side-eye emoji*

I ordered a yellow Easy Peel from Nail Experiments & she included a free bottle of shimmery gold as a sweet “thank you/happy birthday” gift. Amazing customer service!

Check out that cute sticker & cellophane wrapping. ALL OF THE HOLO GOODNESS! *rainbow emoji*

Not only had she worked her tail off to make sure that I could order the color that I so badly wanted, but she had also gone through my most recent IG posts & noticed that I’d celebrated a birthday a few days earlier. To thank me for my order, and as a belated bday gift, she threw in an extra bottle of shimmery gold Easy Peel! How sweet was that?!

That’s what I call amazing customer service, y’all. She didn’t hafta do any of that but instead, she did *all* of that. Fabulous!

Take note, indies: doin’ shit like this MAKES me wanna come back & keep givin’ you my monies. Farill.

I knew right off the bat that Elena would be gettin’ an A+ for customer satisfaction, but I still needed to try the product.

Easy Peel latex barrier “swatches.” Look how gorgeous that shimmery gold is when it dries. I need a polish that color.

Here’s the YouTube video of my first time workin’ with these peels. As I state in the vid, because my filming equipment is on my right side (dominant hand), it created a bit of an awkward peel action. I wasn’t able to swiiiiing my arm around in a typical left-to-right peeling motion. It may look like I struggled a bit to get it off, but it’s just an illusion.

I used EP in a stamped design along with the following products (links to all are in the YT video):

Nina Ultra Pro base color – French Pink
Pueen Fairytale Lover 01 stamping plate
Pueen Black Jack Super Intense stamping polish
Fab Ur Nails XL gold stamper (see my review of this stamper here)
Twinkled T #6 cleanup brush
LA Colors Cosmetics matte top coat

Nail stamping design using Easy Peel liquid latex barrier, Pueen stamping plate & polish, Fab Ur Nails stamper, Twinkled T cleanup brush & LA Colors Cosmetics matte top coat.

Easy Peel is truly just that — easy. It goes on & comes off with no issues at all. And no gnarly lil bits & balls were left behind on my skin, which can sometimes happen when you remove a liquid latex product.


Application – it lays down like a dream, no goopiness
Removal – super smooth, doesn’t pull at or dry out my skin, no residue left behind
Price – at $10CAN for a 15ml bottle, it comes out to roughly $7.50USD, which is very affordable
Shipping – NE is located in Toronto, so depending on where you are in the U.S., it could take 7-10 days for delivery
Customer Service – as expected, based on everything that I just told y’all, Elena gets an A++

If you do stamping, water marbling, or if you just have a shaky hand when paintin’ your nails, you need a latex barrier in your life. I highly recommend that you check out EP. The product is phenomenal & she has just about any color that you could want. Tell her Tara sentcha.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, y’all!