Review of Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper and First Experience with Beautometry

I was pretty pumped when I saw an Instagram post from Beautometry around mid- to late-February advertising a pre-order of MoYou London stamping plates for $6 each (they’re regularly priced at $9.75/ea). I mean, what nail stamping maven wouldn’t wanna get in on some’a that action?

I didn’t own any MYL plates at the time, and word on the skreets is that they’re a leader in the stamping world because they manufacture “amazing” plates.

MoYou London stamping plates & Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper haul from Beautometry.

YouTube video review & stamping pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Beautometry, or what Beautometry does, lemme getchu learnt up right quick.

Beautometry is a “stockist” located in West Virginia. A stockist is a company that sells & distributes nail art products from companies located outside the U.S.

For example, MoYou London is a, you guessed it, London-based company…Creative Shop is a Ukranian company…F.U.N. Lacquer is located in Singapore. The list of sought-after nail polish/art companies goes on & on, but you get the idea.

So rather than spending a kintillion dollars on shipping to have four polishes from Singapore sent to yer box o’ mail, you can order that polish from a stockist & only pay domestic U.S. shipping. Not to mention, you don’t hafta deal with currency exchange rates & all that shit. Basically, Beautometry is one of a handful of “middle men” in the industry.

Naturally, the $6 MYL plates made me wanna place my first Beautometry order. And the fact that I’d only hafta pay a few bucks for domestic shipping (as opposed to payin’ higher shipping rates had I ordered directly from MYL to have my order flown over the pond) was icing on the cake.

As I stated earlier, this was a pre-order, meaning that Beautometry would accept orders/payments for the plates, MYL would ship big ol’ boxes full’a products to Beautometry, and Beautometry would then fulfill/ship said orders to its customers. That all sounded easy enough to me.

Beautometry made it clear that the orders wouldn’t be shipped out til around March 17. Pshhht, no biggie. I was willin’ to wait two weeks for these plates that are posta to be the shiiiiiiiit.

I knew that the sale ended at midnight February 28, so I spent several days tryna decide which plates I wanted to order. I wanted a Creative Shop stamper from the Space Collection in addition to a few of the MYL plates, but I was undecided on everything.

Feb. 28 rolled around & I was on vacation, druuuunk, playin’ cards on the balcony at my resort when I suddenly remembered (at 11:00 p.m.!) that I still hadn’t placed my order. I’m actually kinda proud’a myself for havin’ that moment of clarity in my beer-induced haze. Way to go, me!

I pulled a muscle pattin’ myself on the back for gettin’ my order in with 10 minutes to spare before the sale ended. But then I pulled another muscle kickin’ myself in the ass for orderin’ the WRONG DAMN STAMPER. Ugh.

I wanted the 2-pc stamper set (like, the holder & the stamper head together) for $12. But my drunk ass ordered a *replacement* head by mistake. Just the head. smh Lookin’ back on it, I remember thinkin’ “Hey! The Creative Shop stampers must be on sale cuz they’re only $10 now WOO HOOOOO!” Uhh nope. I can thank the Coors Brewing Company for that snafu.

But I digress…

I went about my business for a coupla weeks, waitin’ for my “your order has been shipped” notification from Beautometry. But on March 17, the email that I received from Beautometry was more along the lines of “there’s been a problem & orders won’t be shipped out til March 30.” Welp.

So I waited & waited & waited some more. Finally, on April 15, I got my shipping notif. And today (April 19) my package arrived. Sweet jeezus. What started off as a two-week wait wound up bein’ damn near a two-MONTH wait.

(Rumor has it, the delay was caused by an airbill issue that held up the shipment from MYL to Beautometry. But it’s just whatever. I’m disappointed that it took so long, but if it wasn’t Beautometry’s fault, what can ya do? *shrugs*)

As a “thanks for bein’ patient & not chewin’ out our asses like some other folks have done,” they included a freebie plate. That was nice.

I took a few minutes to test out the stamper & peruse my MYL plates, Explorer 11 & Tropical 01. Everything is just gorgeous, especially this stamper, the dark head with the green shimmer.

Creative Shop Space Collection stamper, black with green shimmer. (This is a pic of the replacement head in an UberChic Beauty shot glass-style holder.)
Macro shot of the Creative Shop Space Collection stamper head replacement, black with green shimmer.

But enough about the order & the terrible wait, let’s get down to bizness with this Creative Shop stamper.

Please, by all means, watch the YouTube vid below in which I call the stamper by the wrong name, the wrong color & my dogs bark incessantly in the background. It’s quality entertainment, lemme tell ya. *eye roll*

From the bubble wrap to the lint roller to the plate, it picked up my images flawlessly on the first try — no priming necessary. I didn’t scrape the plate well at all in the video the first time I stamped with it, so what you see is not a result of the stamper; it’s my fault.

After filming, I tested it out on Bundle Monster plate BM-S105 & bout shit my pants when I saw the crisp details of the image. I mean WHOA!

Creative Shop Space Collection stamper replacement head, black with green shimmer.

How gorgeous is this? S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G

Macro shot of the Creative Shop Space Collection stamper replacement head, black with green shimmer.

Just a quick sidenote, since I don’t think I mentioned it in the video…this head is pretty big (#thatswhatshesaid). It measures 4.2cm, whereas the UberChic XL heads are 3.7cm. So even stamping on buffet & infinity plates, you’ll pick up a large area with just one roll.

I absolutely adore this thang. I have a feelin’ it’ll become my new fave.

I’ll definitely be gettin’ a white Space Collection stamper to add to my arsenal for when I stamp with darker polishes. White stampers are a must-have anyway.

Drop me a line & lemme know if you own any Creative Shop stampers & which one is your favorite.

Stay tuned for a video & review of these MYL plates.

See y’all next time!




5 thoughts on “Review of Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper and First Experience with Beautometry”

  1. LOL, I had the same wait for my plates. And when I opened the package thee was nothing extra for that wait. Instead there was a note that a stamping polish (Hit the Bottle Chomeo) “will be shipped separately”. The whole point of me bundling it with the pre-paid plates was to get the free shipping, since the stamping polish was actually a in-stock item at that time. She accepted my payment for it and then failed to keep it in stock so it can be shipped with the items I was waiting for for 2 months. When I contacted the shop, telling them that I truly did not want a separate shipment, but an ASAP shipment, the response was that they “oversold” the item due to their error and I will have to wait for another 2-3 months for another re-stock. No “we’re sorry” o anything in the way of apology whatsoever. I was not contacted beforehand either, so I did not discover their “mistake” till after I opened the package. Had I known beforehand I’ve been swindled, I would have canceled the entire order. When I expressed my unhappiness with this state of affairs (and I was not entirely pleasant, mind you, at this point becoming sure that an apology would be called for before the incomplete order was even shipped to me), she just cancelled the order, stating that she was going to ship it to me for free as a gesture of good will (I still fail to understand how is THAT a gesture of good will, when the free shipping was due on this order, and Chromeo was a pat of it), but now she will not. That will certainly show e who is the boss here. Not the customer, to be sure. She graciously agreed that I am free to reorder when the re-stock is in. I am less than impressed by this business and will wait for Hit the Bottle to get a more reputable stockist, the rest of the brands can be found elsewhere anyhow. Absolutely the worst on-line shopping experience I had, ad I do shop online a lot.

  2. Thanks for stoppin’ by! 🙂 Sorry you had such a bad experience with Beautometry. From what I’ve seen/heard, you’re not the only one. It sucks when shipping delays occur, but it’s even worse if customer service doesn’t try to make it right. I was on the verge of goin’ postal after waitin’ six+ weeks, and I had LITERALLY just picked up my phone to blast off a nastygram to them when I got their shipping notification that my stuffs were finally on their way to me. lol The timing was pretty perfect.

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