Swatch by Wendy @stuckonlacquer
Swatch by Wendy @stuckonlacquerTwo coats of Walk-Off + top coatGlossy macro by Wendy @stuckonlacquerMatte macro by Wendy @stuckonlacquerTwo coats of Walk-Off + top coatDrip macro by Wendy @stuckonlacquerBrush shot by Justine @beherenailMacro bottle shot by Justine @beherenail


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Will ya look at this gorgeous green-gold shift?! Stunning! This is the perfect shade for fall, and heading into the holidays.

This polish is the most sheer of the collection & performs best in thin coats. It builds up nicely if you allow each coat to dry completely before applying another.

Swatches, brush & bottle shots are courtesy of Wendy (@stuckonlacquer) & Justine (@beherenail).

I use high-quality & highly saturated pigments in my products, so staining is possible. It’s always advisable to apply a worthy base coat, especially under darker colored polishes.


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