Need a New Logo, Brand Image or Copyright Mat? I Know a Chick!

I spent seven months searching for a graphic artist/designer to create my new BravesDiva brand image.

Y’all. Seriously. Seven damn months. (7!)

As expected, everyone to whom I reached out charged $60-$100/hour. Umm thanks but no thanks. Even though I knew *exactly* what I wanted my logo to look like, and figured that there would be minimal work involved for an experienced GA, I couldn’t swing a $300-$400 invoice. #BallinOnABudget

My original BravesDiva brand image, currently still used as a header image on my personal Twitter account.

Storytime with Tara & fresh logo pics after the jump. So let’s grab a beer & chat. (SPOILER ALERT: Check the header image on this snoop bloggie blogg to see one’a my new babies.)

*side bar* If you don’t care to read the entire saga of how my love affair with designer Elise de la Rue came to be, and how Facebook tried to come between us, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post for all of her contact info.

I’ve always adored my BravesDiva image and I’m very attached to it, but if/when I get to the point where I’m makin’ money off’a my brand (soon, I hope), I can’t very well do it while incorporating the logo of a professional sports team.

So for now, my original brand image will remain the header on my personal Twitter account, where folks can find me runnin’ my mouth & generally makin’ an ass outta m’self on the daily…fo’ free.

I’ve owned a fancy Photoshop program for a long time, but I still can’t manage to do much more with it than blur out a zit. If the ins & outs of Photoshop were easily learned, we’d all be experts. And so the search for a graphics wizard began…

Late one night, I stumbled upon Aussie-based Custom Copyright Mats by Elise on Instagram. I was sorta in the market for a cute lil mat to use as a background in my nail pics/videos, and I saw that she did great work.

I sent her a private message on Facebook asking general questions about pricing, turnaround time, shipping, etc. After, like, three weeks of waitin’ to hear back from her, I hit her up on IG. Turns out that she never got my original message, and here’s why:

(mini rant, comin’ right up)

I recently found out that FB takes it upon itself to FILTER OUR PRIVATE MESSAGES!

Small business owners use FB as a means to connect with potential clients. For Mark damn Zuckerberg & his team of nerdy minions to decide which messages I see and which messages I don’t see is total bullshit.

So be warned, wonderful people of the innernets, if you send Elise a message on FB & she doesn’t respond (or if you’ve been waitin’ for replies from other folks #onthere), that’s prolly why. Dumb FB is dumb.

(mini rant concluded)

Anyboobs, I reached out to Elise on IG and she very kindly sent over a list of services that she offers along with pricing for various packages. I thought that all she did was design copyright mats, but au contraire! In addition to the mats, she creates logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, signage and more.

I decided to purchase a package that included a brand image & two A4-sized mats.

After givin’ Elise a quick rundown of the changes that I wanted made to my current image, and the “main attraction” that I wanted *added* to my new one (HELLO, BASEBALL NAIL POLISH BOTTLE, YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD!), she was all like, “Welp, I’ve never made a baseball nail polish bottle before, but lemme give it a go” and off she went.

I fully anticipated us goin’ back & forth for a while, from her rough draft, to my edits, to her tweaks, to more edits, etc. But that’s not at all what happened…

After almost two weeks of radio silence, a lil email showed up that included a collage of SEVEN. DIFFERENT. LOGOS.

Say whaaaaat? Yes, chyle. BravesDiva Nails deliciousness times SEVEN!

Elise absolutely slayed the baseball nail polish bottle. Werk, momma, werrrrrrrk!

How many nail polish bottles have you seen that look like baseballs? UH… NONE. THAT’S HOW MANY.

So right off the bat (no pun) she’s made my brand unique.

The red gradient is one design component that I was adamant about keeping. And she gave me all kiiiiinds’a gradients.

BravesDiva Nails silver gradient logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.
BravesDiva Nails blue-to-red gradient logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.
BravesDiva Nails blue-to-white gradient logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.

A round logo wasn’t even somethin’ that I had *dreamed* about requesting, but she cranked one out for me. She seriously thought of EVERYthing. Love!

BravesDiva Nails round logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.

I’m basically obsessed with everything that she’s done. From the logos themselves, to the two copyright mats that she’s designed for me. Soooo cute.

BravesDiva Nails oval gradient logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.
BravesDiva Nails white logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.
BravesDiva Nails white logo created by Copyright Designs by Elise.

Please watch my YouTube vid below for all the skinny on these mats. I really want y’all to see the quality of these suckers & to know what fab graphics design work that Elise does.

And don’t be afraid of collab’ing with someone on the other side’a the world. Elise is uber professional & responsive.

BravesDiva Nails copyright mats from Custom Designs by Elise.
Tiled BravesDiva Nails copyright mat from Custom Designs by Elise.
"Crazy Fonts" BravesDiva Nails copyright mat from Custom Designs by Elise.
“Crazy Fonts” BravesDiva Nails copyright mat from Custom Designs by Elise.

Aaaaaand Elise even threw in a lil freebie: this cute template mat that features my logo, along with square & oval spaces in which I can create decals. Like I said, she thought of ERRTHANG!

BravesDiva Nails template mat from Custom Designs by Elise.

These mats are amazing! They’re glare-free & acetone-resistant, perfect for using as backgrounds for photos/videos *and* for protecting my work desk from polish spills.

FYI, the mats are “A4″ size which measure 12″ wide (from side to side) x 8.5″ high/long (from top to bottom). The template mat measures 8.5″ wide (from side to side) x 6” high/long (from top to bottom).

To recap: For one veeeerrrrryyyyy affordable price, I got a custom logo (well, seven of em) in .jpg *and* .pdf formats, mine to keep forever & ever, two mats, along with the extra freebie cutesy template doohicky, *AND* I got to work with an absolute sweetheart in Miz de la Rue. Seriously. She’s amazing.

Farill y’all, check out Elise’s FB page. She’s gettin’ ready to launch her website & new business name very soon, so bookmark brandomatix now so that you can easily find it in the next week or two.

Until then, you can also shoot her an email at if you have inquiries.

Even if you don’t need a logo created for you from scratch, she has a ton of different mat designs available into which she can incorporate your social media username (so folks can’t pirate your shit from Instagram & claim that it’s theirs). And she ships worldwide!

Elise, I canNOT thank you enough! <3

So go show some love to an indie artist, wife, “mum,” and all-around badass chick.

If you have her create images and/or mats for you, please tag me in your posts; I’d love to check em out.

See y’all next time!




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