About Me

Welcome to BravesDiva Nails, home of BravesDiva Polish!

I’m Tara, and I create beautiful 5-free nail lacquers in a variety of colors & finishes. So please browse around my Shop & pick up a few polishes that suit your fancy.

Here’s a little background on my journey to get here:

This site was initially created in 2015 as a nail art blog, but I’ve since branched out into the YouTube community as well.

In early 2016, I decided to combine my love for sports with my love for nail art/polish & mixed my first two shades inspired by the Atlanta Braves.

I enjoyed the creation process so much that I decided to parlay it into a business, bringing gorgeous cremes, crellies, holos & color-shifting polishes to the indie world. While some shades might be limited-edition, my very first two polishes — Chicks Dig the Long Ball & Chipper’s ACL — will forever be cornerstones of the BravesDiva Polish brand.

As far as the blog goes…this isn’t your typical nail blog. I’m not here to blow smoke up somebody’s ass, or to pretend that I like products when I really don’t. As usual, I’m gon’ tell it like it is. I’m uncensored & unapologetic. Not to mention, sarcastic as hell.

My journey started the same way many others’ started, I’m sure…on Instagram. I was posting my nail triumphs (and tragedies) on my personal IG for a while, til Spawn threatened me with this: “Mom. I’m gonna unfollow you if you don’t stop. Seriously. I don’t wanna see that dumb nail shit in my feed.” And because I couldn’t bear the thought of losing the social media love of my one & only child, a 17-year-old boy whose nail art opinions I valued greatly, my response was: “Well kiss my ass then!” and BravesDivaNails was born that very night.

Since many of you prolly don’t know, I’ve been BravesDiva on twitter for centuries. So when it came time to make a name for m’self in the nail art community, I just added “nails” to the end of “BravesDiva” because I’m super original AF.

Accompany me throughout the world of nail art as I bring you the realness with swatches, video tutorials, brand reviews, and nail art designs…the good, the bad & the ugly.


Thanks for stoppin’ by, y’all!